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Zoya Seashells - Swatches and Review

Zoya Seashells Collection

Last week I reviewed Zoya's new collection of cream polishes, Sunsets, which you can find here, and today I have the second new collection, Seashells, six brand new pixie dust shades! My very first Zoya nail polish was Arabella, and I've been completely hooked on all the pixie dusts ever since, so I was beyond excited to buy this new collection.

I can confirm that they all look amazing.

In each of the swatches below, I've used one coat of Zoya Anchor base coat and two coats of polish for the normal swatches, and one coat of Anchor, two coats of polish, and two coats of Zoya Armor topcoat for the topcoated swatches. All photos have been edited to most accurately depict how I perceive each polish color in real life.

To see the application of each of these polishes, you can watch my swatch video here:

Zoya Linds Swatch

First up we have Linds, a bright red pixie dust. I was concerned that this one might be too similar to Chyna, but Linds is much lighter and is accented by golden glitter. It almost reminds me of a candy apple.

Zoya Linds Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Linds - Two Coats

Linds doesn't dry quite as matte as the rest of the polishes in this collection, and, therefore, isn't quite as textured.

With topcoat:

Zoya Linds Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Linds - Two Coats, plus topcoat

I don't normally like to topcoat the pixie dusts, but since this one isn't fully matte, I actually prefer it glossy. The polish smoothed out completely after two coats of topcoat, and the shine really brings out the sparkle in Linds.

Zoya Zooey Swatch

The second new polish is a lighter pink pixie dust called Zooey. Like most of the other polishes in this collection, it includes little golden glitters, but Zooey also has larger holographic glitters dispersed throughout. The holographic glitter doesn't show up very well in photos, but it's very evident in real life. I wasn't expecting to like this one at all - pink isn't my favorite color, as I mentioned in my Sunsets post - but it's actually one of my favorites.

Zoya Zooey Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Zooey - Two Coats

Zooey dries more matte than Linds, making it more textured. It has more texture than the original pixie dust formula but is far less chunky than the Magical Pixie Dusts.

With topcoat:

Zoya Zooey Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Zooey - Two Coats, plus topcoat

With a topcoat, the golden and holographic glitters in Zooey become more evident. I really like this polish both ways.

Zoya Levi Swatch

Levi is the next polish, and it is a lighter golden pixie. Like Zooey, this polish also includes a number of larger holographic glitter pieces. While the color of this one isn't my favorite, of all the holographic polishes in this collection, Levi's holographic properties are the most evident.

Zoya Levi Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Levi - Two Coats

Color and texture wise, Levi is a bit more golden and less chunky than Bar but darker and more textured than Tomoko.

With topcoat:

Zoya Levi Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Levi - Two Coats, plus topcoat

The most appealing part of this polish for me is that it's reminiscent of (holographic) sand, so I actually prefer it without a topcoat.

Zoya Cece Swatch

The next polish is Cece, a medium green pixie dust. It includes the same golden glitter as many of the other polishes, as well as some darker green glitter pieces. I love the color of this one, but I do wish it also had holographic glitter like Zooey and Levi.

Zoya Cece Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Cece - Two Coats

The texture here is reminiscent of the original pixie dusts, and Cece is lighter than Chita but darker than Vespa.

Zoya Cece Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Cece - Two Coats, plus topcoat

As with most of Zoya's other pixie dusts, I prefer not to topcoat this one.

Zoya Bay Swatch

Bay is an icy blue pixie dust with some darker silver and golden glitter mixed in. I didn't think much of this one when I saw it in the bottle, but, once on, it was my absolute favorite out of the six.

Zoya Bay Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Bay - Two Coats

The texture on this one is similar to the original pixies. As with Cece, I wish this one also included holographic glitter.

With topcoat:

Zoya Bay Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Bay - Two Coats, plus topcoat

While Bay looks very sparkly with a topcoat, like Cece, I definitely prefer it without.

Zoya Tilly Swatch

The final polish is the most unique of all the ones in this collection, as it's missing the signature golden glitter. Tilly is a silver pixie dust with darker grey and holographic glitter mixed into it, and, in certain lighting, it almost looks purple. The holographic glitters in this one are smaller than the ones in Zooey and Levi. Tilly is the thinnest polish of the bunch, but it was still opaque in only two coats.

Zoya Tilly Two Coat Swatch
Zoya Tilly - Two Coats

Despite the addition of the holographic glitters, Tilly has a similar texture to Bay and Cece. The closest pre-existing pixie dust for this one is Cosmo, but Tilly is less chunky.

With topcoat:

Zoya Tilly Topcoat Swatch
Zoya Tilly - Two Coats, plus topcoat

I actually prefer Tilly with a topcoat, as it really brings out its holographic glitter.

The verdict? I absolutely love each of these polishes. Zoya's pixie dusts are my favorite textured polishes that I've tried, and this new collection is no exception. I love the holographic glitters that are in some of the polishes, and I really wish that they were all actually holographic. Best of all, the pixie dusts are somehow much easier to remove than normal glitter polishes. Overall, I'd have to say that my favorites are Bay, Zooey, and Tilly.

Are you planning on picking up any of these new pixie dusts? Are there any comparisons you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Also, don't forget to check out my swatches of Zoya's Sunsets collection!

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